Unlocking the Benefits of Tarjeta Comunitaria (Spain Community Card): Economic Means and Health Insurance Insights

The Residence Card for Family Members of EU Citizens (Spain Community Card) has become one of the most processed and managed cards by the Immigration Offices nowadays. Therefore, it is very common to come across questions and doubts regarding the requirements, documentation, and application for the well-known Community Card.

Requirements for the Spain Community Card

In order to obtain the Spain Community Card, it is essential to fulfill a set of requirements. These requirements include:

  • Having a connection with a Spanish or EU citizen. Regarding the management of the Community Card, if you have a connection with a Spanish citizen, you should take into account that certain family members of Spaniards have been included in the concept of Family Roots after the reform of the Immigration Regulations.
  • Living together with a Spanish or EU citizen.
  • Having economic means.
  • Having guaranteed healthcare in Spain.
  • And in certain cases, providing evidence that the family member, such as parents or children over 21 years old, are dependent on the Spanish or EU citizen.

The main focus of this article revolves around two essential aspects of the Community Card: healthcare provision and the verification of financial resources.

Economic means for the Spain Community Card

One of the primary prerequisites for obtaining the Spain Community Card in Spain is to demonstrate economic stability or sufficient financial means. This requirement holds significant importance and has emerged as a leading cause for card denials in the country.

In this regard, Royal Decree 240/2007, dated February 16th, clearly establishes how a Spanish or EU citizen can demonstrate their economic means:

  • Being an employee in Spain
  • Being self-employed in Spain
  • Having sufficient economic resources for themselves and their family members to not become a burden on the social assistance of Spain during their period of residence. They must also provide a public or private health insurance policy, contracted in Spain or another country, that provides coverage in Spain equivalent to that provided by the National Health System. The assessment of sufficient economic means will be carried out on an individual basis, taking into account the personal and family situation of the applicant. Having resources exceeding the amount determined each year by the General State Budget Law to qualify for a non-contributory benefit will be considered sufficient proof to meet this requirement, or
  • Being a student enrolled in a recognized or government-funded public or private educational institution to pursue studies or vocational training, and having a public or private health insurance policy in Spain or another country that provides comprehensive coverage in Spain. The student must also make a responsible declaration stating that they have sufficient economic resources for themselves and their family members to not become a burden on the social assistance of Spain during their period of residence.

It is worth emphasizing that there are no specific requirements regarding employment duration, salary threshold, or tenure with a particular company. The key factor is to provide evidence that, at the time of applying for the Community Card, you are registered with Social Security (if employed or self-employed), possess sufficient financial resources, or are a student.

Health Insurance and the Community Card

Another important aspect to emphasize regarding the Residence Card for Family Members of EU Citizens is the requirement for health insurance.

In addition to demonstrating the economic means of your EU or Spanish family member, it is essential to provide proof of healthcare coverage as a family member.

In this regard, you can provide evidence in two ways:

If you decide to go with private health insurance, it is essential that the policy provides comprehensive coverage without any co-payments or waiting periods. In essence, you must demonstrate that the coverage offered by your private health insurance policy is equivalent to that of a public health insurance card. Let’s dive deeper in each of the requirements:

Full Coverage: The private health insurance policy must provide comprehensive coverage, encompassing a wide range of medical services and treatments.

No Co-payments: The insurance policy should not involve any co-payments, which are additional payments required at the time of receiving medical services.

No Waiting Periods: There should be no waiting periods associated with the insurance policy. This means that coverage should be effective immediately upon obtaining the policy, without any waiting period for accessing healthcare services.

Meeting these requirements ensures that the private health insurance policy is considered valid for the purpose of fulfilling the health insurance requirement for the Community Card application in Spain.

In Spain, there are numerous companies and insurers that can offer you the aforementioned health insurance. It is important to ensure that it will be valid for your application for the Residence Card for Family Members of EU Citizens.

You can obtain your fully compliant health insurance for your Community Card here on Spainguru.es, completely online and with all the necessary documents in maximum two working days.

Family members of spanish citizens

It is important to clarify that certain family members of Spanish citizens must currently apply for Family Roots (Arraigo Familiar). With the implementation of the immigration regulation reform on August 16, 2022, specific family members have been included under the Immigration Regulation, specifically within the concept of Family Roots.

Therefore, if you are any of these family members, you must apply for Family Roots (Arraigo Familiar):

  • Spouse or registered partner of a Spanish national.
  • Ascendants over 65 years of age, or under 65 years of age dependent on others.
  • Descendants under 21 years of age, or over 21 years of age dependent on others, of a Spanish national or their spouse or registered partner.

In these cases, a Residence Permit for Exceptional Circumstances, Family Roots (Arraigo Familiar), will be granted, which has a duration of 5 years and allows both employed and self-employed work.

On the other hand, if you are a family member of a Spanish citizen but do not fall within these categories, such as a sibling, grandchild, grandparent, etc., you will need to apply for a Residence Card for Family Members of EU Citizens through the concept of extended family. These family members are not covered by the Family Roots (Arraigo Familiar) category, and therefore it is necessary to continue managing this Community Card under Article 2.bis of Royal Decree 240/2007, dated February 16th.

In conclusion, the Spain Community Card (Tarjeta Comunitaria) is a highly sought-after residence card in Spain, requiring fulfillment of specific requirements. The two key pillars of this card are economic means and health insurance. Economic means can be demonstrated through employment, self-employment, or sufficient financial resources. Health insurance can be proven with either a public health insurance card or private insurance with comprehensive coverage. It is crucial to ensure that the chosen health insurance meets the criteria for the application

Certain family members of Spanish citizens may need to apply for Family Roots (Arraigo Familiar), while others fall under the extended family category for the Residence Card for Family Members of EU Citizens. Understanding these requirements and following the appropriate procedures is essential for obtaining the desired residency status in Spain.