Why do people with a TIE card need a Regreso document?


Why do individuals here require a Regreso document if they already possess a TIE card? Is there any other reason for needing a regresso document that I am unaware of?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”[Autorización de] Regreso*. People generally apply for this if their TIE is no longer valid or has been lost. Many don’t seem aware that they may very well not need one. And some apply knowing full well that they won’t need one, because they’re travelling within the Schengen area”

”It can take several months to complete the renewal process and get a new TIE card. If you want/need to leave Spain during that time then you may well need a regresso to be allowed back into the country”

”It’s usually in between card validity when renewing or sometimes lost cards. People don’t under when they are actually of use and apply for them gratuitously though”

”Also a lot of people who are here on student visas, they typically expire at the end of a school year (June) so those who want to travel during those months while waiting for their renewal to be approved need to get a regreso”

”It’s not silly, the only people who really need a regresso are those that their tie is expired or will expire b4 returning AND. Are citizens who need a tourist visa to travel to Spain via national passport if they weren’t residents. If you don’t need a tourist visa to enter Spain you don’t need a regresso, because you can always enter as a tourist”

”My TIE expires mid-July. We need to return to the US this summer (first time in five years). Our TIE will expire while we are gone, even though we have submitted for renewal. This is what a autorización de regreso is for”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, individuals may require a “regreso” document in situations such as when their TIE card is no longer valid, has been lost, or is in the process of renewal, allowing them to travel outside Spain and return to the country while their TIE is being processed or replaced. However, it’s important to note that not everyone needs a regresso, and some individuals mistakenly apply for it unnecessarily.