Can I switch from a Non Lucrative visa Spain to a Golden Visa Spain once I become eligible, and how quickly can this transition occur?

Question about the Non lucrative visa spain

If I have just been issued a non lucrative visa Spain, does anyone know if I can now obtain a Golden Visa Spain instead?

I have just become eligible for a Golden visa. I’m wondering how quickly you can I transition from one to the other?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”Well for what it’s worth a nlv expires after 90 days if you don’t enter Spain, or 30 days after entry if you haven’t done tie”

”I’d keep the NLV”

”I’m in the exact same situation. My concern is that the Non Lucrative visa Spain is valid for one year and I’m not sure if I’d have to wait for it to expire before switching to the golden visa spain. I’m from Canada so it makes it more challenging if I don’t get everything done in 90 days (arriving in Spain without any type of visa). I’ve been looking into arriving in Spain with no visa, house hunting and if necessary apply for a 3-month student visa if necessary”

”There is talk about the golden visa being cancelled soon which is another reason why I didn’t want to get locked into the Non Lucrative visa Spain for one year”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, the Non lucrative visa Spain typically expires if not used within 90 days or after 30 days of entry without fulfilling visa requirements. Some prefer the Non Lucrative visa Spain, while others consider the transition. Suggestions include entering Spain to activate the NLV or exploring options like house hunting on a short-term visa. Concerns arise around the NLV’s validity and potential cancellation of the Golden Visa. Individual circumstances and official sources should guide decisions in this matter.

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