Did you receive an acknowledgment email after applying and paying for your ACRO certificate?


When applying for your ACRO certificate, did you receive an acknowledgement email? We have applied, paid our £55 each and have no idea if even received it.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”We received an acknowledgement email, I think it was a couple of days after submitting it”

”We received an email a few days after posting, we sent ours registered post and then received them 14 working days after”

”Hi, Yes we received an acknowledgement email and a few weeks later we received them in the post”

”Yes, we did. Check your junk folder though ours sat in there for a day or so before we checked”

”Mine came yesterday,9 days after submitting”

”No and they didn’t respond to chaser emails”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, when applying for ACRO Police checks, some people received acknowledgment emails a few days after submission, while others found them in their spam folders after a brief delay. Those who used registered post got their checks around 14 working days post-mailing. Generally, most applicants got acknowledgment emails and received their checks by mail weeks later. Yet, a few didn’t get acknowledgments and struggled with response delays. The process varies, and emails might end up in spam.