For year 2 and 3 renewal of my non lucrative Spain visa, what should I ask my Spanish bank to provide me?


For year 2 and 3 of the non lucrative Spain visa renewal, what should I ask my Spanish bank Santander to provide me?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”A letter of what’s in your account, I had only just opened my account with them and it was no good asking for a statement, but they can do it I had to prove xx amount of funds plus p60”

”A pension statement of what your pension is ( private )
Or your p45”

”Saldo de cuenta and a saldo medio since the accounts been open”

”They are called Estado de cuenta – you can download statements from your application and then print them off by linking your phone to a printer or attach them to an email to yourself and print off that way”

”We use BankInter and their online site is much easier than their app for documents and provides all the statements “estado mensual” as pdfs”

”When I applied for my first year I printed out 6 months’ bank statements as it’s a Spanish Santander so didn’t need a stamp or anything”

”6 months’ worth of statements is sufficient. If you can get your local branch to stamp and sign them then even better but the latter is not critical”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, when renewing your non lucrative Spain visa for years 2 and 3 with Santander, ask for a letter summarizing your account status, evidence of specific funds if needed, pension statements or P45 if applicable, account balance and average balance details, and monthly statements (“estado mensual”). You can access these documents through the Santander application or website. While getting statements stamped and signed by your local branch can add credibility, it’s not always necessary.