Can I change employer under a Spanish Digital Nomad Visa?

Question about the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa

Is changing your employer possible after receiving your Spanish Digital Nomad Visa (residence permit)?

What is the significance of the residence permit being linked to your activity and circumstances? If there is a change in your circumstances, what is the required action according to the explanation? If you find a new employer, what steps need to be taken, and how is this new application considered?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”You cannot present the communication within 30 days AND accredit that you meet the requisites anew, as one of them is that you must have worked for the employer for at least 3 months…. In my interpretation, until it’s time to renew, they won’t know and won’t care about any changes during the validity of your initial authorisation. As long as you make sure to meet your obligations with regards to tax and social security”

”I wouldn’t be so sure that they “don’t care” as at the time of renewal they will see that your circumstances have changed and you have not communicated those within 30 days. I once asked them about a client with GV whose circumstances changed during the validity of their residency and the answer was clear: notify within 30 days or your permit can be revoked.

With regard to Spanish Digital Nomad Visa, I believe so far it is just very unclear so it would be best to inquire with UGE once someone has a specific case of change of employer and ask for their instructions”

”I wondered about that. It’s like the funds you must demonstrate to get the NLV… Once the visa is granted, what happens if circumstances change? Employment is volatile. But you can’t meet the 3-month requirement with a new job”

”One might think with that kind of advice, the lawyer is setting you up for failure, in an attempt to keep getting money from the client OR he/she doesn’t really know what to actually do and is pulling that out of his/her ar$e …maybe, who knows”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, some emphasize the importance of promptly notifying authorities about any changes within 30 days to avoid permit issues during the Spanish Digital Nomad visa renewal. The requirement to have worked with the initial employer for three months raises challenges for switching jobs.

The permit’s linkage to personal circumstances underscores the need for accurate reporting and adherence to obligations. While uncertainty remains, seeking guidance from UGE or relevant authorities is advised for navigating employer changes effectively. This discussion highlights the complexities and importance of understanding legal obligations tied to the residence permit.