What’s the process and timeline for obtaining a highly qualified worker visa, including UGE-CE submission?


What are the steps involved in obtaining a highly qualified worker visa? Once I have secured a work contract, it seems that I need to submit certain documents to the UGE-CE for a residence permit?

What comes next in the process after obtaining the residence permit? Are there additional time-consuming steps or documents required, such as background checks, that might extend the overall timeline for the application process?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”I suppose it depends on how the local government define the term “highly qualified worker”, Are you a brain surgeon, nuclear physicist, or something similar? In Spain, the term “highly qualified worker” usually relates to someone capable of doing a job that a Spanish-born national is unable to do! A friend of mine who has worked as a front-of-house manager for the Hilton hotel group in various locations around the world was rejected because they (the powers that be) told him there are hundreds of Spaniards capable of doing this job! I’m suggesting that the authorities are checking with the employer to find out what your actual role would be”

”The company that is hiring or employing you must start the visa process at your home country”

”It’s a two-step process. First, get residency approved. Then get visa”

”Once all your paperwork is submitted by the hiring company, the process is usually very quick. But you do have to be, no surprise, demonstrated to be highly qualified for the position and with a salary above the OGE’s minimum”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, obtaining a highly qualified work visa involves a two-step process, beginning with securing a work contract and obtaining a residence permit. The definition of “highly qualified worker” can vary by country, often focusing on roles that are specialized and not easily filled by local nationals. The employer initiates the visa process in the applicant’s home country, with the company’s paperwork submission playing a crucial role. Once submitted, the process tends to be quick, contingent on meeting the criteria of being highly qualified for the position and earning a salary above the stipulated minimum. It’s important to note that the authorities might collaborate with the employer to ascertain the necessity of hiring a foreign worker.