Has anyone thought of purchasing an extra flat in Andorra to stay in after 90 days, instead of returning to the US?

Question about a flat in Andorra

Has anyone considered buying an additional flat in Andorra to go to after 90 days (instead of going back to the States)?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”That’s a bit outrageous and costly. 3 months in Andorra and 3 months in Spain? Andorra is beautiful but it’s just a town with lots of people who like hiding their money”

”Won’t help… they don’t Stamp your passport and within Schengen” (not entirely true, Andorra is not a Schengen country, but passport controls are very unusual)

”Bradford Smith I’ve had friends already pay a ridiculous amount for the wealth tax. I’m not ready to retire until I sell my real estate holding in the USA and have adult children”

”First of all, they generally won’t even check your passport, so it’ll just appear as if you’ve been in Spain the whole time. Second, viable real estate (as in something you could sell fairly easily if you needed to) is really expensive in Andorra. I quote: “In July 2023 for residential properties for sale was asked an average of € 4,649 per square meter, with an increase of 4.00% compared to July 2022 (4,470 €/m²). Over the past 2 years, the average price in Andorra la Vella municipality reached its peak in June 2023, with a value of € 4,669 per square meter.” Basically, a good, resellable 50-meter flat (that’s small) in Andorra is going to cost you about €250,000 if you want to live somewhere worth living. Add to that a Spanish flat and outfitting them both, and you can’t be terribly far from €500k . . . so why not buy in Spain and get the visa? In general, it’s not a reasonably workable plan – you’ll get tripped up one way or another, believe me. None of these ‘I found a way to outsmart the system!’ plans work very well in the long run – the makers of these rules have seen it all”

”Are you suggesting a back-and-forth plan in order to avoid establishing residency and comply with Schengen rules? My husband and I talk about this a lot and think it’d be awesome to team up with another family to basically trade houses back and forth every 3 months. Turkey? Montenegro? Cyprus? Lots of good options”

”I would pick somewhere other than a flat in Andorra. it’s horribly expensive. Try Italy – it’s must less pricey there”

”You need to leave the EU in a way that your passport will be stamped on exit and entry. You should buy your flat in Britain or a non-EU eastern Europe country, or somewhere else outside the EU that is convenient for you and will give you the correct passport stamps”

”So much judgment and people opining incorrectly on matters they don’t understand, plus ridiculous projection. From an immigration perspective, the plan appears very workable, and is in no way “cheating the system”. I would expect the challenge to be in ensuring that you get your passport stamped coming in and going out, which appears definitely doable, as there is a border. It would probably take a couple of trips to figure out the knack of it, and afterwards should be a fairly simple process to stamp in and out”

”What about the Moroccan coast? Tangier..look up the cost of a beachside “condo” + you can stay there as long as you want & I don’t think they have tax on certain incomes, though I’m not self-educated on that specific topic. IMO, a flat in Andorra is expensive + not easily accessible without a vehicle. No airport..so no fast way out. Plenty of people bounce around like this, just find the right place to do it”

”If you like skiing that much then do it. Andorra wouldn’t be my cup of tea for 3 months. So to avoid residency taxes are you just doing 90 days in Spain? We are moving in a month. My husband is in his early 50’s and retired US citizen. I’m Irish so I we won’t have visa issues but the double taxation is just something I’m used to at this stage as I’ve been paying it for decades”

”If you want to play that game staying outside EU and back in it is doable but be careful if you spend more than 183 days in a calendar year you are becoming tax reliable in Spain”

”The Adriatic coast of Albania will be cheaper and the flights are directly from Madrid”

”Andorra is expensive for real estate – the other option is the UK or Scotland to be precise – not Schengen and you can ski in the winter”

”I don’t see why it wouldn’t be sufficient. However, I have NEVER had my passport stamped upon entering or leaving Andorra so I’m not sure how easily this would work”

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In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, the idea of buying a second flat in Andorra to spend extended periods there, avoiding Schengen rules has varied opinions. Opinions varied on the feasibility and cost of the plan, with some suggesting alternatives like the UK, Morocco or Albania. Concerns were raised about passport stamps, taxes, and the overall practicality of the approach. Some members were optimistic about the plan’s viability, while others emphasized the importance of adhering to regulations. The conversation showcased diverse viewpoints and considerations regarding this strategy.