After gaining Spanish citizenship can I keep a valid Philippine passport?

Question about dual Spanish citizenship

I was just granted Spanish citizenship by residency. I want to know if I take the Jura de Nacionalidad, will my Philippine passport be invalid automatically?

I’m worried because I’m about to go home in October, and the ticket used the data on my Philippine passport. Another question: if the birth certificate arrives, will my current TIE expire or become invalid?

Answers about dual Spanish citizenship

These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”Spain has absolutely no right to interfere with your Philippines passport. Only the Philippine government can do that.”

”You’d have to look it up on the Philippines government website. I’m from Mexico and Mexico allows double citizenship, but I know someone from Germany and when he became a US citizen, Germany revoked his German citizenship. He was told he should have contacted the German government before becoming a US citizen so keep his German citizenship”

”Keep the TIE until you get the DNI. Spain recognises dual nationality with the Phillippines.
Even countries where Spain does not recognize nationality, for example, the UK, do not have to give up their passports or nationality.

”One important thing to know, is to leave Spain on your Spanish passport and enter the Philippines on your Philippines passport. Leave your Philippines passport in the Philippines and enter Spain on your Spanish passport”

”No, the passport won’t. You have no worries. The TIE, on the other hand, expires because now you need a DNI”

”When you naturalize, you automatically use your Philippine citizenship so you need to reacquire and apply for a new passport. The passport number doesn’t matter on the ticket you bought. What matters is your valid passport whether you enter with your Spanish passport (30 visa-free, or you show your old PH passport/proof of Filipino citizenship by birth, whether or not you’ve had time to reacquire) and you can enter under the balikbayan privilege and can stay up to one year”

”No idea about your jura – basta when you take your oath for Spanish citizenship your PH one is invalid and you need to reacquire. You need to travel with a valid passport whether that’s Spanish or PH to enter the Philippines. Also if you ordered from Paserbilis your birth certificate should arrive within weeks”

”You have to require and about TIE until you go to Comisaria to apply for DNI and passport your TIE is valid and you can travel. Just remember if you go to the commissariat after 6 months. You have to reapply birth certificate. so relate”

”Technically under RA 9225, you don’t lose your Filipino nationality if you naturalize, but you may have to reacquire. Ask the Embassy”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, acquiring Spanish citizenship, the Jura de Nacionalidad does not automatically invalidate your Philippine passport. Dual nationality is recognized, but it’s essential to use the right passport when entering each country. Your TIE may expire upon obtaining a DNI.

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