Schengen days calculation with a Digital Nomad Visa Spain

Question about Digital Nomad Visa Spain and Schengen Days

Many digital nomads embarking on their Spanish adventure wonder when their Schengen days truly begin and end. A community member in Spainguru’s Facebook group seeks answers: “Does anyone know if your Schengen days stop counting once you have your digital nomad visa Spain permit, or once you have your TIE card? Basically, I want to figure out which date to apply in the Schengen calculator so that I can figure out travel outside of Spain.”

Insights from the Spainguru Facebook Community

A Member’s Perspective

One member of the community points out that passport checks between Schengen countries are often minimal or non-existent. This suggests that the meticulous tracking of Schengen days might not be a top priority during border crossings. As such, the specific timing of obtaining the digital nomad visa Spain or the TIE (Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero) card may not significantly impact your Schengen day count.

The TIE Card’s Role, Another Member’s Experience

In contrast, another community member places great importance on the TIE card. They note that the TIE card typically displays the date of your entry into Spain. This entry date serves as a crucial reference point for individuals with non-lucrative Spain visas and helps determine their Schengen stay. However, they acknowledge that the situation might differ for those who entered Spain without a residency visa.

A Simple Answer

A succinct response from a community member simplifies the matter, stating that Schengen days cease counting once you obtain your TIE card.

Conclusion: Schengen Days with a Digital Nomad Visa Spain

In conclusion, the Spainguru’s Facebook group members members suggest that Schengen days stop counting when you acquire your TIE card. This card usually contains the date of your entry into Spain, which serves as a critical reference for your Schengen stay. While one member highlights the relaxed passport checks within the Schengen area, most members emphasize the significance of the TIE card in determining Schengen day calculations. Here is an online Schengen days calculator.

It’s essential to remember that individual circumstances can vary, and these insights are based on the experiences of Spainguru Facebook group members. Spainguru assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of these answers. Therefore, for precise guidance on Schengen day calculations and travel planning, consulting immigration experts is highly recommended.