The non lucrative Spain visa start date: What You Need to Know

Question about Non Lucrative Spain Visa Start Date

Will my Non Lucrative Spain Visa be valid for my trip to Spain starting on September 15th, or does it only become valid on the specified start date of November 16th, even though I already have it in my passport?

What the Visa Holders Say

One Member’s Experience

A member from the group points out that Non Lucrative visas typically come with a specific start and end date. This suggests that your visa may only become active from the date indicated on it, which, in this case, is November 16th. Attempting to use it before this date might not trigger its validity, leaving you with only passport privileges.

Additional Resources for Clarity

To further understand the nuances of this situation, another member has directed us to a related article on You can read it here: Can You Arrive in Spain as a Tourist Ahead of Your Non Lucrative Visa Start Date?

A Different Perspective

However, another member introduces a different perspective. They suggest that while it’s essential to respect the visa’s start date, Spain’s entry rules for tourists may allow you to enter the country before your Non Lucrative Visa’s activation date. This member recommends researching Spain’s tourist entry requirements, as this could offer a workaround to enjoy your Spain trip without violating your visa’s terms.


In conclusion, according to Spainguru’s Facebook group members, the Non Lucrative Spain Visa typically becomes valid on the specified start date indicated on the visa, which, in this case, is November 16th. Traveling to Spain before this start date may not activate the visa, and you might only have passport privileges during that time. Remember that these insights come from Spainguru Facebook group members, and Spainguru is not responsible for their accuracy. Seeking advice from immigration experts is recommended.