The best Spanish cities for quick Digital Nomad Visa Spain approval

Question about Digital Nomad Visa Spain approval

1. Which city in Spain is best for a fast response when applying for a Digital Nomad Visa Spain (DNV) – Barcelona, Madrid, or elsewhere?

2. Are there legitimate agencies in Spain that can handle all the visa application processes, including document translation, in one go?

3. Can I apply for a Digital Nomad Visa Spain from within Spain along with my wife, even if she is not currently with me in Spain? I want both of us to get approval so she can join me later.

4. Could someone provide a sample of a company declaration letter for the Digital Nomad Visa Spain application process in Spain?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”It’s processed online by a national body so I doubt the city matters. 2. Yes, look through the posts on this group and you’ll see lots of consultants and law firms offering their services. 3. No, entry stamps or in your case, police station entrance certificates, are required for all (I think). 4. Just tell your company what details to include, it’s quite straightforward”

”Your wife can come to Spain on a tourist visa after your Digital Nomad Visa Spain is approved and she can be added as a dependent. Just get all your paperwork in order first, then come to Spain”

”Point 4. It might be helpful to say which country your employer/company is based in if you are an employee. Because for some countries it is very difficult as an employee. Much easier if you are a self-employed/contractor”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, the process of obtaining a Digital Nomad Visa Spain (DNV) from within Spain involves online processing by a national body (UGE), regardless of the specific city you plan to reside in. Many consultants and law firms are available to assist in this process, here you can find immigration experts to assist you. Entry stamps or police station entrance certificates are typically required for all applicants. Additionally, if you need an Employer’s letter sample, here you can find one. You will need to adapt the sample draft letter depending on if you’re an employee, it may be helpful to specify your employer’s country of origin, as the ease of obtaining a Digital Nomad Visa Spain can vary depending on your employment status. Once your Digital Nomad Visa Spain is approved, your spouse can join you in Spain as a dependent, but make sure all your paperwork is in order before making the move.

Bear in mind that these insights come from Spainguru Facebook group members, and Spainguru is not responsible for their accuracy. Seeking advice from immigration experts is recommended).