Spain Golden Visa vs Portugal Golden Visa

Spain Golden Visa

Spain Golden Visa program has become a beacon of opportunity for investors and seekers of European residency and even citizenship. In this article, written from Spainguru’s interview to Mr. Sam Daynes from Holborn Assets, we will delve into the intricacies of this program, exploring key insights and strategies.

What is the Spain Golden Visa program?

The Spain Golden Visa program offers a pathway to Spanish residency through a qualifying investment. While several investment options exist, the most common route involves real estate. Applicants are required to invest a minimum of €500,000 in residential or commercial properties. However, it’s worth noting that expert advisors, such as those at Holborn Assets, can facilitate investments for as low as €350,000, ensuring accessibility for a broader range of investors.

Residency and Beyond

The allure of the Golden Visa lies not only in residency but also in the potential for future citizenship. Golden Visa holders can obtain permanent residency after five years, making Spain their second home. However, the journey to Spanish citizenship typically requires a decade of residency, with an added requirement of passing a Spanish language test for applicants from non-Spanish-speaking countries.

It is worth mentioning that Iberoamerican citizens by descent, like Mexico, Puerto Rico or even countries with historical ties with Spain, such is the case of Philippines, can obtain the right to apply for Spanish citizenship after only 2 years of legal residence in Spain.

Impacts on the Spanish Property Market

A burning question among potential investors is whether the Golden Visa program significantly influences property prices in Spain. The answer, as Sam Daynes from Holborn Assets explains in our interview, remains elusive. While some argue that foreign investment drives up property prices, governments carefully monitor these effects. Portugal serves as a recent example, where concerns about rising property costs led to changes in their program. Therefore, prospective investors are advised to consider acting promptly to secure their positions, given the possibility of future program alterations.

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Liquidating Investments

Flexibility is crucial for any investor, and the ability to liquidate investments if circumstances change is paramount. Holborn Assets reassures investors that the process can be both swift and efficient with their guaranteed buyback option on select products, providing an additional layer of reassurance for investors. They handle all the necessary paperwork and property managment, ensuring a seamless exit strategy.

Cultural Integration

Moving to a new country involves more than obtaining a visa; it’s about embracing a new culture and lifestyle. Our expert Sam Daynes emphasizes the importance of integrating into Spanish culture by adopting local customs and, notably, learning the language. While English may suffice in some instances, proficiency in Spanish is invaluable, especially for those eyeing Spanish citizenship.

The Future of the Spain Golden Visa Program

What does the future hold for Spain Golden Visa program? Holborn Assets expert Sam Daynes, forecasts a potential alignment with Portugal’s trajectory. While not definitive, the program may undergo changes in the coming years, particularly concerning investment options. The evolution of these programs mirrors market dynamics and investor preferences.

Comparison between Spain Golden Visa and Portugal Golden Visa

When it comes to comparing the Spain Golden Visa program with similar initiatives in other European countries, the Portugal Golden Visa program emerges as its primary contender. These two Iberian nations share several commonalities, making Portugal a compelling point of comparison. One notable distinction lies in the processing times for residency cards. In Portugal, applicants may face an 18-month wait, while Spain typically boasts a more expedited three-month timeline for obtaining the Golden Visa.

Additionally, Portugal has recently revamped its program, elevating its entry threshold to 500,000 euros, now aligning with Spain’s investment requirement. In contrast, Spain maintains the advantage of offering diverse investment options, including residential and commercial properties. Moreover, the cost of renewals in Spain tends to be more budget-friendly compared to Portugal. Ultimately, the choice between these two enticing programs hinges on one’s preferred quality of life and location, as both Spain and Portugal beckon with their unique charm and opportunities.

The Impact of the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic, rather than hindering the Golden Visa program, catalyzed increased interest among those seeking a fresh start. Applications surged over the past two years as individuals sought to seize the opportunity presented by Spain’s Golden Visa program.

Key Takeaway

In summary, the Spain Golden Visa program represents an enticing prospect for investors and individuals yearning for European residency. As with any significant decision, thorough research and expert guidance are essential. With the potential for program changes on the horizon, acting promptly to explore your options is advisable. Spain Guru stands ready to provide personalized assistance, ensuring that your journey to obtaining the Golden Visa in Spain is a smooth and informed one.


Spain Golden Visa program opens doors to the rich tapestry of Spanish culture and lifestyle. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of Spanish living, investment potential, or future European citizenship prospects, understanding the program’s nuances is the first step toward realizing your dreams. Reach out to experts, who can guide you through this transformative journey.