Can I use my Mexican passport with my maiden name to apply for a Spanish visa?


If I hold 2 different passports (USA and Mexico), which can I use in my Spanish visa application? I would want to use the Mexican one to take advantage of the 2 year citizenship but it has my maiden name. If I have documents to show the name change is that fine? Anyone experience issues with this?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”I would say either is fine, but Mexican may be better if you intend staying long term. Question is shouldn’t you have updated your Mexican passport”

”Regardless of which passport you use to enter Spain as a resident, you will eligible to get citizenship if you meet the requirements after two years of residency”

”To make an appointment with the boston consulate you have to e-mail… and hope you are lucky enough to get a response. If you are applying for something, your best bet is to e-mail them and say you have all of the documents ready and then they will most likely e-mail you back with the appointment”

”Not sure on Boston but most embassies make you use the passport of the country you’re applying in unless you only have a Green card. I got lucky and was able to use my Colombian passport. Regardless of the passport you start with, you’ll still be able to take advantage of the 2yr route as long as your passport is valid during the 2yrs”

”Best to ask the consulate as they have all kinds of regulations”

In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, it’s generally fine to use either a Mexican or local passport for entering Spain and pursuing a Spanish visa or residency. Reach out to the consulate, for consulate appointments and specific rules. The two-year residency route for Spanish citizenship is an option applying for Spanish residency with either passport, as long as it remains valid at the time of applying for Spanish citizenship. Consulting the consulate and immigration experts is your best approach for a successful application.