What is the Sistema Mercurio for Spanish Immigration?

sistema mercurio

The Spanish immigration process, encompassing various types of visas and permits, has been significantly streamlined with the introduction of “Sistema Mercurio” This digital platform has revolutionized how immigration applications are processed, offering a more efficient and user-friendly approach. This article provides an insightful overview of Sistema Mercurio, addressing common questions and guiding potential applicants through its functionalities.

What is Sistema Mercurio?

Sistema Mercurio is an innovative online platform developed by the Spanish Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security, and Migration. It is designed to facilitate the electronic processing of a wide range of immigration-related applications. This system caters to foreign nationals seeking to apply for different types of Spanish visas and residency permits, including but not limited to the non-lucrative visa, student visas, work permits, and family reunification visas.

How can I access the Sistema Mercurio?

You can access Sistema Mercurio here.

Key Features of Sistema Mercurio

  • Digital Application Process: Applicants can submit their visa and permit applications, along with the necessary documentation, entirely online.
  • Wide Range of Services: Sistema Mercurio supports applications for initial visas, renewals, and modifications of various immigration authorizations.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: The platform is accessible to applicants worldwide, reducing the need for in-person visits to consulates or immigration offices.
  • Security and Authentication: With requirements for digital certification and electronic IDs, Sistema Mercurio ensures the authenticity and security of all applications.

How to Use Sistema Mercurio

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Digital Certification (Certificado Digital): First, you will beed to obtain a recognized digital certificate or an electronic ID.
    • Obtaining a digital certificate for use on Sistema Mercurio involves a specific process, as the certificate must be used on the same device from which it was requested. Here’s a summarized guide on how to acquire and set up your digital certificate:
    • Device Consistency: Start and complete the digital certificate process on the device (PC or Mac) you intend to use for future processes. This is crucial as the certificate is tied to the device used during the application.
    • Backup Certificate: You’ll receive one backup certificate, which can be stored on a USB or external hard drive for safekeeping.
    • Initiating the Process: Visit the Royal Mint’s website (Fábrica nacional de moneda y timbre-real casa de la moneda) to begin the process.
      • Software Download: Depending on your device (Mac or PC), download the necessary software from the Royal Mint’s website.
      • Requesting the Certificate: Apply for the digital certificate through the website. Upon doing this, a code will be sent to your email.
      • Identity Verification: Take the received code, along with your TIE (Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero) and passport, to an authorized office for identity verification. While there is an online verification option, it’s only available to those with a DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad). Note that some offices might require you to make an appointment.
      • Certificate Issuance: After your identity is verified, a link to download your digital certificate and its copy will be sent to the same email address.
    • This process ensures that your digital certificate is securely linked to your device and identity, enabling you to sign and submit applications on Sistema Mercurio efficiently.
  2. Accessing the Platform: Visit the Sistema Mercurio website and select the appropriate application type.
  3. Filling the Application: Complete the application form and upload the required documents.
  4. Digital Signature: Sign the application using a digital signature tool like Autofirma.
  5. Submission and Confirmation: Submit the application through the platform and receive a digital receipt.
  6. Fee Payment: Pay the necessary application fees through the platform or at a designated bank.
Sistema Mercurio

What is Autofirma?

AutoFirma is a crucial tool for digitally signing documents on Sistema Mercurio, especially for immigration authorizations. It’s a software application available for various operating systems including Windows (both 32 and 64-bit versions), Mac, and Linux, specifically tailored for use with the Sistema Mercurio platform. Here you can download Autofirma.

To use AutoFirma, you first need to have a valid digital certificate installed on your device. This certificate acts as a digital ID, ensuring secure and authenticated transactions online. Once you have your digital certificate, you can download and install AutoFirma from the Sistema Mercurio website. The process involves selecting the document you wish to sign, choosing your digital certificate within the AutoFirma application, and then digitally signing the document. This process can be used for signing PDF documents as well as for completing various procedures on the electronic headquarters of the extranjería (immigration) platform.

AutoFirma simplifies the process of signing digital documents, making it an essential tool for anyone dealing with immigration procedures in Spain.

Navigating the Application Types

Sistema Mercurio caters to a variety of application types, including:

  • Non Lucrative Spain Visa: For those who wish to reside in Spain without working.
  • Spain Student Visa: For international students enrolling in Spanish educational institutions.
  • Spain Work Permits: For individuals seeking employment in Spain.
  • Family Reunification: For those looking to bring family members to Spain.

Common Questions About Sistema Mercurio

  • Who can use Sistema Mercurio?
    Any foreign national initiating an application for a Spanish visa or residency permit can use the platform.
  • Is Sistema Mercurio available for all types of Spanish visas?
    Yes, it covers a broad spectrum of visa and permit applications, including renewals and modifications.
  • What are the technical requirements for using Sistema Mercurio?
    Users need a digital certificate or electronic ID, along with a compatible device and internet connection.
  • Can professionals like lawyers use Sistema Mercurio?
    Yes, legal professionals can also use the platform to submit applications on behalf of their clients.
  • How do I check the online status of my residency renewal application?
    To check the status of your renewal application, just go here: https://sede.administracionespublicas.gob.es/infoext2/


Sistema Mercurio represents a significant leap in making Spanish immigration procedures more accessible and efficient. By embracing digital transformation, Spain has not only simplified the application process for various visas and permits but also enhanced the overall experience for applicants worldwide. Whether you are a student, a job seeker, a retiree, or looking to reunite with family in Spain, Sistema Mercurio is your gateway to a streamlined immigration process.

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