Any Puerto Ricans in Spain with successful Spanish citizenship experiences?


Are there any Puerto Ricans in Spain who have successfully obtained Spanish citizenship and could share their insights?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”If you are estadounidense and first-generation from an Iberoamerican parent, you can apply for citizenship as an Iberoamerican after two years of complete residency (student visa doesn’t count for example). If you haven’t left for more then 3 consecutive months in the past 2 years, I’d say apply now.

It is typically taking 5-6 months. Get your US background check which is taking the longest (I started the full process in June and still haven’t received apostille). I think the only difference for you guys (PR & their descendants) is the certificate that you have to get for being a US colony. Otherwise, everything else is the same as any other former colony”

”I think you got everything you need. I think you should just go for it and learn as you go. I haven’t really seen any boricuas in here with experience on this topic. We are definitely a rare breed here in Spain”

”I wish I would’ve known this before leaving Madrid after staying for more than 2 years. I was told about another way of getting my residency is to stay for 3 years for Arraigo Social”

”I’m Puerto Rican born, I havent moved to Spain yet but have gotten the Puertorican citizenship certificate. You need the original Birth Certificate to apply for a Puerto Rican citizenship certificate, in total I think I spent like $50 dollars, birth certificate, plus stamps through colecturia digital, and shipping. It took about 3 weeks in total to receive once I mailed it. If I were you I would get the spanish citizenship, it opens so many doors and its better than the US passport”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, obtaining Spanish citizenship for Puerto Ricans in Spain typically involves fulfilling residency requirements, which can vary based on heritage or specific circumstances. Some suggest a two-year residency, though it’s advised to verify eligibility criteria and gather necessary documentation, including a Puerto Rican citizenship certificate.

While experiences may be limited among Puerto Ricans in Spain pursuing this path, pursuing Spanish citizenship is viewed as beneficial for its broader opportunities compared to the US passport. Each case may differ, so diligence and thoroughness in the application process are essential.

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