What visa do we need to buy a bar and move to Spain?


What visa do we need to buy a bar and move to Spain


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”Self employed visa that’s what we have got when we got our bar in Tenerife”

”I wouldn’t bother, if you need to work then you’re possibly better staying in the Uk”

”Get a Spanish lawyer now”

”Buy a holiday villa with separate accommodation to live and take 60–70000 euros in rental I have 2 for sale in lanzarote . The season is 52 weeks with only 7 days of rain never a frost let alone snow”

”Maybe consider a place inland where there is no reliance on tourist trade and has a steady income all year round from locals. Far from the manic 3 months of summer when you havent got time to sleep followed by 9 months of scratching out a living. For quality of life,head inland and get to enjoy your life in spain”

”I think the most important question is; have you ever run a bar before? I ran bars for 8 years as a younger man, and you have to live in it for the first 3-5 years to make enough money to be able to survive. It’s seriously hard work, and most of the people are shady to some degree. My wife asked me to stop when we wanted a family”

”30 years too late mate!! Have you seen how unhappy the brits are working and owning bars in Spain. Times have changed and moved on.I wouldn’t buy a bar in Spain even if I won a million pounds.”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, deciding to buy a bar and move to Spain involves various considerations. While some recommend a self-employed visa and advise seeking legal counsel, others caution against the challenges of running a bar, citing the demanding nature of the business and its impact on personal life.

Suggestions range from exploring alternative locations beyond tourist hubs to questioning prior experience in bar management. Ultimately, the decision should factor in the realities of the industry, the nuances of the local market, and a thorough understanding of the responsibilities and challenges associated with running a bar in Spain.