Spain Digital Nomad Visa: Fees, Unmarried Couple Application, and Replacing Lost Degree


Question 1) has anyone found recent Spain Digital Nomad Visa consular fees doc in English? Please may you send me the link.

Question 2) I have read that you don’t have to be married to apply as a couple now, is this correct?

Question 3) Recommends of what to do when you have lost your university degree certificate.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”On every consulate’s website. For DNV it’s almost 600 GBP per person. 2. If you can provide sufficient alternative proof of a long term relationship. Always a risk as it’s up to individual assessment. 3. If you cannot prove a minimum of 3 years work experience, you need to order a new copy and have that Apostilled and sworn translated”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, consular fees are roughly 600 GBP for a Spain Digital Nomad Visa.

Marriage isn’t a must, but proof of a long-term relationship is necessary for couple applications.

If a university degree certificate is lost and 3 years’ work experience can’t be shown, getting a new certificate, Apostilling it, and arranging a sworn translation is advised.