Spain Digital Nomad Visa: From Denial to Approval

A Spainguru Facebook group member experience

I recently received approval for my Spain Digital Nomad Visa after an initial rejection. I strongly recommend using a third-party expert for anyone unfamiliar with Spanish bureaucracy, which can be quite complex.

In my case, as a self-employed sole trader, my application was initially rejected because the three invoices I submitted didn’t meet the €2500 per month income threshold required by the DNV.

This was due to a period when I wasn’t under contract and was dealing with personal issues, resulting in lower invoice amounts. However, I started a new contract in May 2023 that met the financial requirements, and I also provided proof of savings.

Despite this, my initial application was rejected, and I had to file an appeal to get it corrected. The whole process, from mid-June 2023 to early November 2023, was quite stressful.

I learned it’s crucial to ensure that the invoices for the three months you submit meet the income threshold to make the application process smoother. While I managed to appeal successfully, I would have preferred to pass on the first try had I known this beforehand.

I want to emphasize the importance of using someone knowledgeable in this process. I believe that without professional help, I would have made many more mistakes, and the expert’s knowledge and experience saved me a lot of time and stress.

I can’t recommend this approach enough and am happy to answer any questions to help others. Good luck to all future DNV applicants!


These are the comments of some Facebook group members:

”One of my clients got approved on a pension+income for 3 people. The pension was most of what made up the income required for the DNV. A pension is a “safer” proof of money than savings but yes, they are definitely assessing cases individually, and having a professional help with the application is a good idea as you mention”

”Our Appeal was submitted on 11th July 2023 so it took just over 4 months for a response. Richelle de Wit said that other appeals she was handling were also over the 3 month mark. I was getting nervous that it was taking so long”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, navigating the Spain Digital Nomad Visa application process can be challenging, but perseverance pays off.

While the journey to obtaining a Spain Digital Nomad Visa can be complex and demanding, with potential initial setbacks, persistence and guidance from immigration experts can lead to successful outcomes.

his journey underscores the importance of meticulous preparation, especially in meeting financial requirements, and the value of expert assistance in navigating the intricate nuances of the application process.