Spain non lucrative visa: Is translation of P45 required? London & Manchester consulates


Has anybody been required to translate their P45 at the London consulate for the Spain non lucrative visa application?

I am trying to get a check list together to evaluate costs. To get both mine and my wife’s P45 translated, 3 pages each, the costs would be very high (as you know in most cases it is charged per page), so don’t want to do it just for the sake of it.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”We went to London and no we didn’t translate those and visas straight through in 20 days”

”Accepted my wife’s as it was in English, in London last week”

”We handed my P45 in without translation and received our visa today in just 2 weeks”

”We went to London and ours were only in English, we got our visas 2 weeks later”

”I retired early and did not translate my p45. Manchester Spanish Consulate accepted it. Still waiting for approval. Attended the Consulate on the 13th October”

”Gave both mine and my wife’s in untranslated, and no problem”

”Hi we went to London bls did not translate p45”


In conclusion, According to Spainguru Facebook group members, many individuals did not translate their P45 documents when applying at the London consulate for visas. Some received their visas within a short period, around 2 weeks, without any issues despite submitting untranslated P45s.

Additionally, experiences at other consulates, such as Manchester, also suggest acceptance without translation. This suggests that, at least in these cases, translating the P45 might not be necessary for the visa application process, potentially saving on high translation costs.