Can we keep UK tax residency while holding a Spain Golden Visa?


Could my wife and I, holding a Golden Visa in Spain, maintain residency in England for tax purposes, avoid registering under the Spanish tax system, and freely travel without restrictions between the two countries?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”The Golden Visa gets you around the 90 day rule but if you stay more than 183 days in a year you would need to become a resident, especially fiscal and tax”

”If you stay as a resident 183 days plus you have to become a Spanish tax resident”

”Yes The benefit of the Spain Golden Visa is you don’t need to be in Spain 183 days a year and be tax resident But you would need to maintain proof that you were not in Spain for enough days to be tax resident It might be worth getting proper advice as tax residency is not always as simple as counting days but if your only Spanish asset is the property it will probably only be assessed on the time spent in Spain”


So in conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, while the Golden Visa exempts you from the 90-day rule in Spain, staying over 183 days may necessitate becoming a tax resident.

It offers flexibility, but maintaining evidence of limited time in Spain is crucial to avoid tax obligations. Professional advice is advised to navigate complexities and ensure compliance with both Spanish and English tax laws while enjoying unrestricted travel between the two countries.

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