What is the current mortgage rate in Spain for new buyers?


Whats the mortgage rate is Spain now for a new buyer ?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

”Bought my apartment in November and they gave me a 3.5% (that’s if you take out home and life insurance with bank. Otherwise it was 4.5. They are doing five years fixed rate now and then afterwards variable but you can change after those 5 in my case! You have to shop around. ING were all online and very easy”

”Mine is 1.5% fixed rate”

”Ok, I don’t have a mortgage in Spain but actually 12 months Euribor is almost 4 %. Hard to believe Spanish banks wouldn’t take their share on top of that, so makes me wonder about the replies here”


”We are foreigners on Spain non lucrative visa. Our rate through Sabadell in June 2023 was 3.95%. We put 30% down, +10% for taxes. We bought in Torre del Mar, Málaga province”

”properties purchased under finance also attract an additional tax, different by different regions, as does buying and selling if you’re not legally resident in Spain”

”I think you’ll find its around 4.5% at the moment but it pays to shop around”

”We just closed in November at 3.5% through Cajasur”

”2.86% with Santander for mixed 25 years (10 years fixed and then variable), if you take out a house insurance and get your salary paid into your Santander account”

”Hello, we have a flat under construction in Manila Spain. It will be ready in 2025. By then we will have paid 20%. We are wondering if to A/ pay it off in full via our UK investments or B/ take a Spanish mortgage Any advice from anyone of things to take into consideration for the figures? One comment mentioned additional tax for finance? Rates looked slightly better than the uk which has us thinking”


In conclusion, According to Spainguru Facebook group members, Mortgage rates for new buyers in Spain vary between 1.5% and 4.5%, with factors like insurance and banking arrangements influencing the rates. Members suggest shopping around, citing rates around 3.5%. Individual circumstances, terms, and additional taxes in different regions are crucial considerations. One member contemplates paying off a property through UK investments or opting for a Spanish mortgage. Overall, the decision depends on personal preferences and the local market.