Spain Digital Nomad Visa: Do lawyers handle your translations and apostilles?


Did the lawyer handling your Spain Digital Nomad Visa application also handle the apostilling of documents, or is it not feasible for them to do so since the documents need to be sent to the UK?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“No, I had to organise the apostille + sworn translation elsewhere. I think that’s standard, but most lawyers will have a contact you can use”

“The apostille is issued by the government (in your case, the UK government) to prove the authenticity of a government signature. Usually the government offices have an option for you to request that the government document be issued with an apostille. As for translations, I would think your attorney in Spain would handle that for you or at least recommend a translator to you, because I believe the translation has to be done by a translator in Spain that is on the official list of approved Spanish translators, all of whom are based in Spain”

“Here you can find 2 recommended Spanish sworn translators and a self-service sworn translation service with urgent service (48hs/24hs/12hs delivery):…/

Here you can get Apostille services in the UK (Special rates!):

“My lawyer told me what I needed to send away and what I didn’t for the apostille but they didn’t handle it”

“I had to organise myself. Lawyer was unable to assist”

“Cometimes applying with a professional can save you a lot of money, but if the applicant is extremely thorough, might succeed”

‘’We did apostilles. Lawyer did translation’’


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, the process of handling apostilles and translations for the Spain Digital Nomad Visa application varies and often requires the applicant to take additional steps beyond just working with a lawyer.

While lawyers can provide guidance and recommendations, including contacts for apostille services and sworn translators, the actual process of obtaining an apostille typically falls to the applicant to organize with their respective government (in this case, the UK government).

Translations, on the other hand, may sometimes be handled by the lawyer if they involve official Spanish translators. This indicates that while legal assistance is crucial for navigating the visa application process, applicants should also be prepared to engage with other service providers to ensure all their documents meet the necessary legal and bureaucratic standards.

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