Do I need CCSE and DELE tests for Spanish nationality after two years as a Latin American resident, and should I take them before applying?


Do I need to take the CCSE and DELE tests before applying for Spanish nationality after residing in the country for two years as a Latin American?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“CCSE yes, DELE no. The CCSE is relatively easy. Get the app that asks you the questions over and over, it focuses on the ones you don’t know. Memorize the whole answer set and you’re good. I only had A1 Spanish and was able to pass it with about 2-3 weeks study”

“If you’re from an Hispano American country, you don’t need the DELE (Brazilians do need it). CCSE is required before if you submit electronically as it wont let you continue unless it’s uploaded”

“As a latin American (Or rather, as a national of a country where Spanish is an official language) you do the CCSE but not the DELE. First you apply for Spanish nationality, and as part of the process you will be requested to take the CCSE test.”


In conclusion, according to Spainguru Facebook group members, Latin American residents seeking Spanish nationality after two years of residence do not need to take the DELE test, as it is not required for nationals of countries where Spanish is an official language.

However, the CCSE test is mandatory for all applicants, including those from Latin American countries. The CCSE is described as relatively easy, with recommendations to use specific apps for preparation that focus on areas of difficulty, allowing for successful passage with a few weeks of study.

This process underscores the importance of understanding the specific requirements for nationality applications, highlighting that while proficiency in the Spanish language is crucial, the formal demonstration of this proficiency through the DELE test is not necessary for Latin American nationals.