Spain Non Lucrative Visa: Can I Purchase Property in Spain Using a Wise Transfer?


Can I purchase a property using a Wise transfer?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“It’s doubtful as your monthly transfers onto your card may be limited. I can’t move more than £3k stirling in one month.”

“I used wise to transfer money from my UK bank account to my Spanish account for my property purchase. It was one of the best currency exhange rates as well. The limit for bank transfers from the UK is £5m.”

“I just transferred $40K from the US using Wise. Not a problem!”

“Don’t think it’s moving as it’s a purchase… me I would let Wise know first that a big transaction is coming”

“Yes you can, however I’d give a heads up to your UK bank first to let them know otherwise they may block it for security reasons as it’ll most likely be an unusually large amount for a single transaction.”

“I used my Wise account to buy a property August 2022. The solicitor was a bit dubious but it went through fine”

“No problem. Just transfer as you would normally.”

“Please be careful when transferring; we got hacked and lost a lot of money. Call your solicitor first and double check the details, do not communicate by emails or any other form of messages.”

“If the transfer is money!”

“Wise has great exchange rates. 5% better than my bank in the USA.”

“I did”


Purchasing property in Spain using a Wise transfer appears feasible, with several group members sharing successful experiences of transferring large sums for property purchases.

However, caution is advised regarding transfer limits, security measures, and the necessity of notifying banks and solicitors about the transaction to prevent blocks or security issues. The importance of direct communication with solicitors, rather than relying solely on email or messages, is highlighted to avoid potential fraud.