Golden Visa Spain: Qualifying with Multiple Property Purchases


Can I qualify for the Golden Visa Spain if I buy two properties (purchased a few years apart) totaling 500,000€? (Both would be after 2018)


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“I’ve got a friend who bought one in Central Madrid and also land at the beach. I was lead to believe there is a time limit on applying. Due to Covid it lapsed. Could anyone clarify this?”

“No time limit as long as they were purchased after the law came into effect in September 2013.”

“No, I did the same. The property value had to be €500k + when you bought, not when you apply for the visa ?”

“I bought in February 2013, I think the law changed in September.”

“As I understand it from Spanish lawyers, properties bought in Spain after September 2013 can be combined for the gold visa total.”

“It’s not the value; it’s the cash investment.”

“The cash investment can be split across 1 or more properties.”

“Yes you can.”

“Yes you can combine properties regardless of when you bought them as long as the total investment adds up to €500,000. Note that if you buy for less and do a renovation that amount that you pay for renovation does not count toward the €500,000.”

“And the tax and any stamp fees aren’t included. Buying price needs to total 500k.”

“It is NOT regardless of when you bought them. It has to have been after September 2013”

“As long as you meet the 500k requirement you can apply for it.”


The consensus among Spainguru’s Facebook group members is that purchasing multiple properties totaling 500,000€ after 2013 qualifies for the Golden Visa Spain. There’s no time limit for applying post-purchase, and the investment can be split across multiple properties.

The key is the cash investment at the time of purchase, not the current value. Renovation costs and taxes do not count towards the 500,000€ threshold. Additionally, while the Golden Visa allows for work and business establishment in Spain, it does not grant these rights in other Schengen countries.

The application process seems straightforward, with personal circumstances such as marriage potentially affecting the total investment required.