Spanish Non Lucrative Visa: Health Insurance Requirements for Applicants Over 65


Hi just about to start process of Spanish Non Lucrative Visa application. I’ve seen some conflicting info re health insurance; do you need insurance if you are over 65?


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“If you are have your state pension then you can apply for an S1 which transfers your NHS over to Spain”

“After year one maybe, but not initially.”

“I’ve just had my Spanish Non Lucrative Visa interview in Manchester and my S1 was was enough and I didn’t need private insurance.”

“You register your S1 online and when you move to Spain you register at a doctor’s surgery.”

“That’s the legal advice I have received from the company I am using for my visa application”

“They more often than not mislead you to get you on board. I’m here been there all along the way. We’ve been here a year so far. Did they tell you you’ll need 72,000€ year two? It’s great they tell you stuff.

At the end of the day it’s not them you and I it’s a little man sitting in Madrid. If he had a great night with the wife you’re good. If he’s in a bad mood…..there is no science. We got it all done solo in 6 weeks”

“Yes, unless you come from UK and have an S1 you can use that”

“You need apply for your S1 90 days before you expect to live there, then what have I read from several others is that you register it with the Spanish health authorities online, it will be rejected as you’re not yet living there but you get a confirmation and number for applying and you show this at your consulate appointment if asked. Also if you have a spouse that’s not in receipt of pension yet they will qualify under your S1 for healthcare.”

“I think needs to take professional advice on this point as understandings differ”

“S1 as a British retired is accepted to use public healthcare system in Spain and for the Spanish Non Lucrative Visa application. If you don’t have access or want to complement it, You can get NLV compliant health insurance here (Adeslas, DKV, Asisa, Sanitas)”


The discussion suggests that individuals over 65 applying for the Spanish Non Lucrative Visa (NLV) can use the S1 form, if they are receiving a UK state pension, to access healthcare in Spain, negating the need for private insurance.

However, there are mixed opinions on its effectiveness and reliability, highlighting the need for professional advice and thorough preparation.