What is the timeframe for entering Spain after Spanish Digital Nomad Visa approval?


How long do I have to enter Spain after Spanish Digital Nomad Visa approval?

1. Once/if I get approved, how long to I have to enter Spain? For example, It would be ideal to move between May/June (this year). Let’s say I apply and get approve before May – do I have to enter Spain right away?

2. Is it possible to claim my mother? My mother is retired and her SS income is not enough so I do help her and she needs me/my help.

3. Once I do my fingerprints, how long are they valid for? I also have to wait for the “results” before applying, correct?

4. Can everything be done online or do I have to visit the Spanish consulate/get a lawyer?

5. I work for an Australian company and we have a contract in place. Do my company needs to Register anything in Spain or can they just provide what they have?

6. Do I need to translate every document?

7. I don’t have a college degree because growing up, going to college was a privilege I didn’t have. How do I prove my experience? I’ve been working for 16+ years of my life.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

‘’1. You don’t have to, it’s recommended to get the TIE card as soon as you can but it’s hard to get an appointment sometimes. 2.yes if you can prove she is your dependent 3.do you mean the FBI check? If so, it’s valid for 6 months. If you mean the TIE fingerprints, you don’t need to do those until you have your DNV. 4.you can do it through the consulate in your country or you can do it from Spain. If you do it from Spain, you will need to be here on the day you submit your application (you can leave after that). But it’s more straightforward than the consulate and you can get up to 3 years instead of 1 via the consulate. So it depends on your situation really and whether you’d be able to come to Spain to apply. 5. It depends on whether you are employed or self employed. If self employed, they don’t have to register and is much easier. 6. Some documents need to be sworn translated(certificate of incorporation,FBI check, contract etc) as well as have an apostille(cert of incorporation, birth certificates, FBI check..). So not all of them but a few of them do. 7. You can use experience and in fact I use experience with my clients most of the time for their applications. It’s easier. You can get letters from your previous employers(sworn translated)’’


In conclusion, According to Spainguru Facebook group members, after Spanish Digital Nomad Visa approval for entry into Spain, obtaining the TIE card promptly is advisable. Including a dependent, like a retired mother, is possible with proper documentation. The FBI check is valid for six months, and TIE fingerprints are post-Spanish Digital Nomad Visa requirements.

The online application process can be done through the consulate or in Spain, offering extended validity of 3 years locally, compared to 1 year outside Spain. Australian employer requirements vary by employment status. While not all documents need translation, essentials like the certificate of incorporation and FBI check require sworn translation and an apostille.

Utilizing work experience is acceptable. Navigating the Spanish visa process involves considering factors such as timing, dependencies, documentation, and application methods.