Spanish NLV Renewal Requirements: Savings and Residency Beyond Year 5


If you’re working your way to year 5 to gain residency after your Spanish NLV Renewal you need to show savings at the end of year 1 and year 3 to get visa for years 4/5? So you then need to show it again at the end of year 5? As trying to work out budget for buying house and disposable income till we both get a pension.


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“If you qualify for long-term residency after 5 years, you do not need to reprove your financial circumstances as part of the standard application. The important thing is the time that you have been in Spain. No more than 10 months out during the previous 5 years. Clean criminal record and stable address in Spain.”

“My understanding is that you only have to show that you’ve been in Spain for the required amount of time and possibly health cover, but not finances again.”

“So in theory, savings only have to stay put until years 4/5 have been granted? In theory, yes, once you have the second renewal at 3 years if you are confident you will meet the requirements of time spent in Spain and stable home here and all legal/tax affairs as they should be then you should not have to show this again.”


For individuals navigating the Spanish NLV Renewal with the goal of achieving long-term residency, the financial proof requirements become less stringent after the initial years.

During the first three years, evidence of sufficient savings is crucial for renewals. However, once you reach the stage of applying for long-term residency after five years, the focus shifts from financial stability to the duration of your stay in Spain, legal compliance, and a stable living situation.

This information is pivotal for planning long-term financial and living arrangements in Spain, especially for those considering property investments and budgeting for life pre-pension.