The Need for DELE A2 and CCSE Exams for Spanish Citizenship by Descent in Spain


Do I need to take the DELE A2 exam and CCSE exam before applying for Spanish citizenship by descent?


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“I just got citizenship by descent in the US through Ley de Memoria Democratica and no language exam was required of me.”

“Depends on circumstances. If you have a Spanish graduado escolar (equivalent to GCSEs), you are exempt from the exam. If you are from a non-Spanish speaking country, you need to have a Cervantes Spanish certificate. I hope that helps.”

“No, only citizenship through residency or marriage requires these exams. By descent, it’s not necessary as per application requirements.”


The discussion highlights a clear consensus that the DELE A2 and CCSE exams are not required for obtaining Spanish citizenship by descent, as evidenced by personal experiences and knowledge of the application requirements.

It’s key for potential applicants to consider their unique situation and possibly consult more detailed legal advice or contact authorities directly for the most accurate information.