Overstay in Spain Due to Health Issues: What Can I Do?


I am 83 and have health issues (emphysema). During my stay here (I come every other month), I unfortunately caught a bug that turned into double pneumonia and was advised by the Doctor at Helicopters Sanitarious to overstay and not to fly for at least one month. They wanted to keep me in, but the cost was enormous, and as we have to pay first and claim back from our insurers later, I opted for tablets and bedrest.

I should have returned on the 22nd February, but now it is the 26th March, so I am well over the 90 days allowed. What can I do? I have flights booked for both May and June but now may not be able to take these on reading about overstaying. Is there anything I can do to help matters? I am desperate, I love Spain and the thought of not being able to come is a nightmare.


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“You need to apply for this: Prórroga de la estancia de corta duración. Nacionales de países que no precisen visado (HI 2)

“Apparently, they are not monitoring the 90-180 rule until the new computerized system comes in October 2024, and then they are giving 6 months before they start to enforce. But it may pay to get a letter from the doctor you saw. Good luck.”


Members of Spainguru’s Facebook group provided advice and support to an individual who faced health issues leading to an unintended overstay in Spain.

The key steps advised were to apply for an extension of the stay officially through the government’s immigration site and to secure documentation from the doctor to support the extension request.

Additionally, there might be a temporary reprieve due to the delayed enforcement of the overstaying rule, which could provide some leeway for resolving the situation.