Spain Golden Visa: Can My Partner Join Me?


If I’m in a de facto relationship and I buy a Spain Golden Visa, can I take my partner with me?


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“What do you mean by ‘de facto relationship’? You need to either produce a marriage certificate or a certificate of pareja de hecho in order for your partner to be eligible to apply as a dependent on your Golden visa.”

“Yes, you can, but only in certain Comunidades – as far as I know only Valencia and Andalusia. My partner and I have done this (we both have South African passports). It is important that you can prove that you have been in a long term relationship and living together (thus what is known as a ‘civil union’ in many countries).

I forget the minimum number of years you have to prove, but your local Spanish embassy will tell you. My partner and I could prove we had been together for 15 years.

The documents we used were things like proof that we were on a joint medical aid for 10 years+, proof that we each paid different parts of the house utility bills over 10+ years, proof that my partner was on the home insurance documents (although the house was in my name).

It is important that you request and prove this status with the initial visa Spanish entry visa request (i.e., the very first time you put in your request at your local embassy) and bring those documents (and the translations) with you to Spain as they may request them again (although they didn’t for us).”

“The office that handles the Spain Golden Visa are tougher on the requirements for a partner. There are 4 ways to add your partner to any residency/visa application: 1. Marriage cert. 2. Registered Couple cert (Pareja de Hecho in Spain). 3. Birth cert of child together 4. Stable Couple.

Documented proof you have been living together for more than 1 year. Stable Couple could be a good option for you. We has about 12 stable couples accepted by the immigration office last year.”

“You can’t buy a golden visa. For your partner to also qualify your asset holding each must meet the minimum, so twice as much as for an individual.”


For those inquiring about the Spain Golden Visa, if you are in a de facto relationship and looking to bring your partner, you must be prepared to provide extensive proof of your relationship status.

This could include a marriage certificate, a registered partnership certificate, or documented evidence of long-term cohabitation. The specific requirements may vary based on the region within Spain, and the Spanish consulate or local immigration office can provide the most accurate and detailed guidance based on your circumstances.