Spain Non Lucrative Visa: My Application at Miami Consulate (May 2024)

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Had my experience yesterday for the Spain Non Lucrative Visa at the Miami BLS office (Miami Consulate). Small office with windows (like cashiers at a bank) provided all my docs at a window standing up and then asked to sit back down with the other people. They reviewed all docs and then called me back to the window.

They did not ask me any questions. Only about the Spanish medical insurance and made a change to ensure that the date the insurance starts is the same when I plan to be in Spain. They asked me to fill out the fees schedule, sign, and then I paid via debit card. They gave me a receipt and said that I can start tracking the process online and then I have to go back to Miami (I live in ATLANTA) to pick up my passport/Visa.

Even though I got an appointment for a “National” Visa, they said it was not valid, because it was for a student visa. It had to be an appointment for the National NLV (not sure which one is that on the system).

They charged me $80 extra as a fee for the lounge fee. There were several other people talking to the person behind the windows (they were also processing Spain Non Lucrative Visa) with many questions. So my suggestion is to make sure you follow the list for the NLV and have all the docs plus other docs like the letter of intent, tax return, and the income statements. They said the results would be in about a month and they would call me.

Questions and Answers

These are the Questions and answers of the Spain Non Lucrative Visa Facebook group members:

Q1: “Lounge fee?? The rest sounds pretty straightforward.”
A1: “It is called a ‘premium Lounge’ fee. They claim I did not have an appointment, since I incorrectly chose ‘National’ for students and not for NLV. So as an exception, they let me have an appointment with a fee of $80.”

Q2: “That’s reasonable.”
A2: “I am glad I got a special appointment since I traveled from Atlanta and who knows when I would get a new appointment. So glad to pay for premium!!”


“We used Miami as well, also live in Atlanta. Turned our NLV paperwork in on April 30th and received a text that ours is approved yesterday and ready for pick up in Mia. 14 days.”

“We live in the lovely city of Miami. What you describe is fairly typical of them. Them letting you have an appointment when you booked the wrong one was very nice of them.”


Navigating the Spain Non Lucrative Visa application process at the Miami Consulate can be complex, but with the right preparation and understanding of the requirements, it is manageable. Make sure to follow the specific guidelines for the Spain Non lucrative visa and double-check your appointment type to avoid additional fees and delays.