Digital Nomad Visa: Documentation Requirements for Contractors from the U.S.


I’m a contractor for an INC company based in Florida. What exactly do I need to get apostilled for the Digital Nomad Visa in Spain? What would be the ‘Registro de Comercio’ exactly?

Digital Nomad Visa: Documentation Requirements for Contractors from the U.S.


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“Hi, this might help: [Link to Florida corporation search].”

“The two most relevant documents needed are the Certificate of Incorporation and the Certificate of Good Standing. Both are signed by Florida’s secretary of state which means you don’t need to have them notarized but you do need to send them to Tallahassee to be Apostilled. If you have any other questions let me know and good luck!”

“You only need one, not both!”

“In most cases, they only ask for one and it has always been the Certificate of Incorporation. However, I have had cases where they asked for the Certificate of Good Standing as well. Now I just highly recommend everyone, if it’s within their means, to get both and have them translated and apostilled since it could delay their process.”

“Same, it’s better both!”

“Thanks for the heads up, I only ever ask for certs of Incorporation from clients and haven’t had any additional requests. So incredible random sometimes!”

“It’s only happened three times so far but whenever I’ve explained this to all my clients, all of them are fine with getting the certificate of good standing since they are already getting the certificate of incorporation from the states they live in (US). I just had a case where I had to get the COGS from the State of Delaware and it took about 5 additional business days.”


For contractors applying for a Digital Nomad Visa in Spain, the required documents often include the Certificate of Incorporation and potentially the Certificate of Good Standing, both of which should be apostilled.

While some experiences suggest that only one of these documents may be requested, it is advisable to secure both to avoid potential delays in the visa application process.

The process does not require notarization due to the documents being signed by a state secretary, but they must be sent to the appropriate state office for apostillation.