Digital Nomad Visa Spain: Apostilling Documents for Company Good Standing


“When getting an apostille on your company’s certificate of good standing for the digital nomad visa spain (DNV) application, do you apostille the English-language original or the Spanish translation??”


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

These are the answers from the members of the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa Facebook group:

“The original document. Then the document + apostille will need the sworn translation.”


“The original document issued by your country needs to be apostilled and then I have only needed to translate the document itself, not the Apostille. Some countries have the apostille in more than one language, which is helpful.”

Here you can find recommended Spanish sworn translators and a self-service sworn translation service with urgent service options (48hs/24hs/12hs delivery).”


When preparing documents such as a company’s certificate of good standing for the Digital Nomad Visa Spain application, it is essential to apostille the original English-language document.

following this, the document along with its apostille should undergo a sworn translation into Spanish, unless the apostille is already available in multiple language

Resources for finding qualified translators can be crucial for ensuring all legal and procedural requirements are met for a successful visa application.