Canada Criminal Record Apostille: Navigating the Process for Spanish Visa Applications


Anyone from Ontario, Canada, have experience in getting a Criminal Record apostille in 2024? (Since the new regulations started this year).

I am very confused by what the process is – the Spanish Embassy website says the Check does not need to be notarized but it does need to be translated and it does need to be apostilled – is the only way to get it apostilled to send it to Global Affairs Canada?

(their website says they are having delays)…..and then I have to wait to get it back in order to start the Student Visa process (which the Ottawa embassy says it takes 3 months to get an appt with);,

We live in Ottawa. Anyone who has done this recently and has feedback?

Canada Criminal Record Apostille: Navigating the Process for Spanish Visa Applications


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“We recently Apostilled RCMP criminal background check in Ottawa without an appointment. Part of a digital nomad visa application. I don’t think you need to go through Global Affairs anymore.

Our background checks were notarized just before. The whole thing, notarized and apostilled, took about 45 min. You can take an appt at the bottom of this page or just walk in. Authenticate a document for use outside Canada

“We did the apostille 5 Feb 2024 yes. We submitted application through lawyers from Malaga last week. We are waiting for an answer now so this is concerning.”

“Was your DNV accepted? I heard recently that UGE is giving hard time accepting Apostille documents that are notarized.”

“I’m in Quebec and it took over 4 months to get the RCMP criminal records apostille from Global Affairs (I got them today).

Now my wife needs to get this same apostille and I was wondering if she could do it in Ontario. Do you know if you have to be Ontario Resident to get the apostille there? Can you please share the contact of the notary that notarized your RCMP background checks? Thank you”

“I used a local notary in Kingston. Use google maps to search for one in your area. I remember the lawyers saying apostille is impossible or harder to get in Quebec. Bonne chance”

“I just got the apostille RCMP check done. A. Get an RCMP cert police check. Cost about $75. Fingerprint company. Took about 10 biz days to get it mailed back to you. B. Take it and get it translated officially. 35 euros.

I had it done electronically. Back in under a day. 3. Get the police check (attach the translation) notarized $20. 4. Take it to Ontario Doc Services at 222 Jarvis (walk in) and fill in a form and wait. $16. 20 mins. They are lovely. You now have an apostilled doc.”

“Here is an article written by a Canadian who recently got the student visa, under item 7 you would see the criminal records and apostille explained: Student Visa to Spain for Canadians – GetHomeInSpain

“Yes, the embassy page specifically says that the apostille has to be issued by Global Affairs. I’m going through the same process now. All we can do is hope unfortunately.”


Navigating the process of getting a Criminal Record Check apostilled in Canada for use in Spain can be challenging, especially with recent changes in regulations.

While some members have managed to get their documents apostilled in Ontario without involving Global Affairs Canada, others are experiencing significant delays when using the federal route.

It’s essential to verify the latest requirements with the Spanish Embassy and explore both provincial and federal options to determine the most efficient path.