UK Banks for Residents of Spain: Managing Finances Across Borders


What UK banks can we use when a resident of Spain, please?

So we have a UK property that we rent out, so need a bank that will not charge us a mortgage to have the rent paid in to this and still allow us to live in Spain and access our money from the rental property in the UK.

UK Banks for Residents of Spain: Managing Finances Across Borders


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“Hold an address in the UK and no problems.”

“HSBC are fine with people living in Spain even if they don’t have a UK address.”

“You will have to ask at your bank, a lot will not let you keep an account open without having a UK address. We are with NatWest, they were more than happy to keep us with a Spanish address.”

“No banks, just use WISE.”

“Wise is not great for cash withdrawals though. Very limited amount per month and not sure if you have to pay for the physical card. Depends what you need though. I have Wise, also several other UK banks too.”

“We have a Lloyds and Nationwide and they said OK, we have our bank registered to my mum’s house.”

“Santander UK, as long as the account is open in UK before you leave. Also free to use cash machines at Santander Spain but no link connection between them.”

“I still use Lloyds with no issues.”

“Nationwide and HSBC. However, I know Nationwide will then no longer allow you to open any new accounts or, I think, make changes.”

“I have a Starling account – it’s all online – no currency exchange fees wherever you are. We also have a Sabadell account here to pay the bills.”

“Revolut and Wise for your UK and Spanish banking.”


Managing finances between the UK and Spain as a resident can be straightforward if you choose the right banking solutions. Many UK banks like HSBC, Lloyds, and Nationwide continue to offer services to customers residing in Spain.

It’s often beneficial to maintain a UK address, either personally or through a relative, to avoid potential issues. For those looking for more flexibility, digital banks like Revolut and Wise provide excellent options, though they may come with certain limitations on cash withdrawals.

Based on the comments, the following UK banks and financial services are recommended for residents of Spain:

  1. HSBC – Accepts customers living in Spain without requiring a UK address.
  2. NatWest – Allows account holders to use a Spanish address.
  3. Lloyds – Continues to serve customers residing in Spain.
  4. Nationwide – Supports customers in Spain, though it may have restrictions on opening new accounts or making changes.
  5. Santander UK – Can be used as long as the account is opened before leaving the UK; allows free use of cash machines at Santander Spain.
  6. Starling Bank – Offers online banking with no currency exchange fees, useful for both UK and Spain transactions.
  7. Revolut – A digital banking solution recommended for its flexibility in managing finances across the UK and Spain.
  8. Wise (formerly TransferWise) – Useful for international transactions and banking, though it has some limitations on cash withdrawals.

Consulting directly with your bank can ensure you meet all requirements and continue accessing your funds smoothly while living abroad.