Spain Golden Visa: Can I Rent Out My Property and Still Renew My Visa?


Two conflicting attorney opinions: one says that you can get a Spain Golden Visa, use the property for part of the year (i.e., four months) and Airbnb it for the rest of the time; the other says that if you do that, your property becomes mixed use and if the government finds out, your GV could be declined for renewal. GV people, what is your understanding?


These are the answers of Spainguru’s Facebook group members:

“You can use the property for the purpose you want. The use of the property has nothing to do with the Golden Visa as long as you keep it. You can rent it, long or short term, live there, or just keep it empty. I have many customers that do what you intend.”

“You can use the property as you wish within the legal framework. If you get a license/permit for short-term rental from the local city hall, you can rent it however much you want. As long as you own the property and the GV exists, you are good to renew.”

Spain Golden Visa: Can I Rent Out My Property and Still Renew My Visa?

“The Golden Visa is really the investor visa, so basically the important thing for the visa is to make the investment, then, you can do what you want with it. In your case, you should need a permit for renting it out.”

“The Golden Visa is slated to be ended very soon, and that’s one of the reasons they’re using for ending it. Too many foreigners are buying investment properties and turning them into rentals, raising the prices for Spaniards.”

“The visa is based on investment value, and immigration has zero to do with how you live or not in Spain.”


The majority of responses indicate that as long as the property meets the investment criteria for the Golden Visa and the owner maintains legal compliance, such as obtaining necessary rental permits, the property can be rented out.

It is essential, however, to verify local laws and ensure that all activities are properly licensed.