Spain Non Lucrative Visa: a Successful Applicant in London BLS – July 2024

Spain Non Lucrative Visa a Successful Applicant in London BLS - July 2024

The Spain Non Lucrative Visa allows individuals to reside in Spain without the right to work. It’s an attractive option for retirees or those with sufficient financial means. Below, a successful applicant from London shares his experience and advice through a detailed Q&A session.

Q: Could you introduce yourself and explain where you applied for the non-lucrative visa?

A: My wife and I applied for our non-lucrative visas through BLS in London. We purchased a property in northern Spain in 2009 with the dream of retiring there, which we are now ready to realize.

Q: What initially prompted you to apply for the Spain Non Lucrative Visa?

A: After Brexit impacted our plans and the passing of my mother, whom we returned to the UK to care for, we found ourselves ready to move forward with our retirement plans in Spain.

Q: For people not yet established in Spain, could you offer tips for choosing a destination within Spain?

A: Initially, we moved near Málaga but felt it was too similar to the UK. Seeking a more authentic Spanish lifestyle, we explored more remote areas and fell in love with a region in the northwest. For those looking to integrate into Spanish culture, I recommend exploring beyond the well-trodden expat paths.

Q: What were the most important documents for your Spain Non Lucrative Visa application?

A: The key documents included police clearance, health certificate, private health insurance certificate of coverage, and financial proof. Organizing these documents well in advance is crucial, especially since some, like our marriage certificate issued in Tobago, took longer due to the need for an apostille.

Q: How did you manage the application process?

A: We handled the application ourselves after realizing hiring a lawyer would still require us to gather all necessary documents. We found all the information needed on the London consulate website, listed the documents, and checked their validity to ensure everything was current when submitted.

Spain Non Lucrative Visa: a Successful Applicant in London BLS

Q: Did you encounter any challenges during the application process?

A: The main hiccup was getting our marriage certificate apostilled in Tobago, which took about six to seven weeks. It’s vital to check the validity period of each document, as they typically only remain valid for a few months.

Q: How long did the entire process take, from document preparation to receiving your visa?

A: We began gathering documents in February, had our appointment in April at BLS in London, and surprisingly received our visas within 14 days after the appointment.

Q: Any advice on navigating the appointment and interview process at the consulate?

A: The process was straightforward. We were advised to bypass any queues by showing our paperwork at the entrance. Inside, it was a matter of providing the requested documents, which we had organized in separate sleeves for easy access, paying the fee, and then we were done.

Q: What would you have done differently in your application process?

A: I would have arranged for our marriage certificate to be apostilled first due to the delay it caused. Otherwise, our thorough preparation paid off, and I wouldn’t change anything else.

Q: How did you handle the tax implications of moving to Spain?

A: Understanding the tax requirements is crucial, especially if selling assets or moving significant sums of money. We planned our move carefully to avoid becoming tax residents in the year of significant financial changes. For future tax dealings in Spain, we plan to hire a Spanish accountant.

Q: Finally, what advice would you give someone considering applying for the Spain Non Lucrative Visa?

A: Ensure you have sufficient financial resources, as the visa does not permit employment in Spain. Financial viability is crucial, not only for the initial application but also for maintaining the visa in subsequent years. Consider the cost of living, potential rent, or mortgage costs, and ensure a financial buffer to handle unforeseen expenses.

This firsthand account underscores the importance of preparation, organization, and understanding local requirements when applying for the Spain Non-Lucrative Visa from London.

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