What are the requirements for an USA expat living in Spain to fly to Italy?


What are the requirements for an USA expat living in Spain to fly to Italy?


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“Please note: THE COVID-19 GREEN PASS: WHERE IS IT MANDATORY? From 6 August, on the Italian national territory, you will need a Covid-19 digital certificate (Green Pass), or equivalent certificate recognized by the Italian authorities, to enter:
the indoor areas of restaurants;theatres, cinemas, events and sports competitions;museums and other cultural venues;swimming pools, gyms, spas and wellness centres, theme and amusement parks, recreational and leisure centres, gaming halls and casinos;trade fairs, conferences and meetings.
From 1 September, you will need a Green Pass, or an equivalent certificate, to board:
airplanes;interregional ships and ferries (except for the Straits of Messina ferry services);Intercity and High Speed trains;long-distance buses;charter buses. Until 31 December 2021, the Green Pass provisions shall not apply to persons holding a SARS-Cov-2 vaccination certificate issued by the competent health authorities of San Marino.

“Maybe you need to approach US embassy for clear information”

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