Any DELE exam tips?


I am taking the DELE exam in two weeks. Anyone else taken it? Any tips? I took the practice test but would love to hear others experiences, ideas for studying.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members.
“Make sure you know when your speaking appointment is. I didn’t know it was a different day from the rest of the test and was crazy flustered.”
“If you studied and you have done many practice tests to prepare for it, it won’t be difficult.
Just remember to stay calm and follow the rules. You can’t take a cell phone, can’t leave for the bathroom after it starts, etc.
Best advice is normal test-taking advice: Get a good night’s sleep. Best to take a break and not “over-study” the day before. Previously prepare a “cheT sheet” of the things that cause you trouble and read it before going into the exam (and throw it away / don’t take it inside with you). Eat a light meal before so you aren’t hungry, aren’t sluggish, but have energy.
Take a few deep breaths before you start. If you get stuck, skip it and come back to it.
Remember: You can take it again if you don’t pass it the first time.“
“Listen to things in accents not from spain and have a kid randomly speak or drop something so that you get used to having interruptions in the audio”

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