How much is the cost of payment per year for car insurance in Spain, and which company do you recommend?


Question for American drivers with Spanish licenses. Could you tell me how much you pay per year for car insurance in Spain, and with what company? Cheapest I’ve been offered is 780 a year, and want to know if that’s a decent price, considering I’ve only had my Spanish license for a month. This is the price I’ve been offered after they’ve accepted my NY driving record. Originally it was 1700!


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“wow. I pay $450 yearly for 2017 Renault Kangoo, full cover”

“Depends on how long you’ve had your license, what car, type of coverage, etc. When I first got my license here I paid around 500€/year. Now I pay 250€/year. The policy includes all basics, plus fire and robbery, but doesn’t include damages that you would cause to your own vehicle.”

“I paid around €500/year (€450 the first year with €50 off for signing up) for liability + fire/theft with Mutua Madrileña. They accepted my insurance history from the US (Allstate Insurance).”

“I used to have Alliance and it was significantly lower than the Mapfre estimate (about 1/3 of the cost) and they accepted my driving record from Illinois for “antiguedad”. I would ask them!”

“Depending on what car you have, an option is to get classic car insurance. It’s about 150€ a year and you can drive something like 15,000 kms. Also, if you have an old car, go to your ayuntamiento and you can exclude your car from taxes given its age”

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