Can anyone share how long is the validity of a Spanish NIE, what’s the cost to get it, and the renewal process?


Hi please can you tell me how long the Spanish NIE last. I am told its three months! How much is it to get.

If this is the case do you have to keep reapplying every three months. We would like to buy a holiday home with a view to retiring (sadly 20 plus years before this happens). We need to open a bank account etc. 

Also I was married before and lived in Spain. I had an NIE back then about 20 years ago. Is this still my NIE or has it expired or can I just change my surname and use the same NIE.

Or should I just reapply for a new one in my current name?

I have checked websites but they are not clear. TIA


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“The nie is for life..It is your foriegn identification number here.. Much the same as your national insurance number in UK It is not the TIE… greatly confused.. you cannot swap your nie for tie card.. they are two totally different things.. The TIE is Spanish residency .. If you cannot prove you were legally living here before December 31st nie bank account..townhall register…private medical insurance… Then the only way to obtain a tie card is the Visa option..”

“Never runs out. However, It’s often confused with residency as Spanish often ask for nie meaning residential documents.”

“My wife & I got our NIE Last week in Cartagena, the cost for the both of us was 210 euros”

“The same nie you had 20 years ago will still be valid. You can update it to your current surname and keep the same number. The 3 months some people refer to is when the nie is issued for a procedure such as to buy a car, sometimes they put an expiry date on the certificate of 3 months. However the number still remains valid. If you are buying a house your lawyer will be able to sort out the nie situation.”

“Your NIE will never change; it is your personal identification number for the Spanish authorities. You must renew your id card every 5 years. Even if you are Spanish. 25-55% of Spanish residents do not have their DNI en vigor (up to date). It’s not a biggie.”

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