How much is the estimated cost for dentistry services in Spain?


Cost of dentistry services in Spain vs U.K. please ? Maybe implant type dentistry.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I had 8 implants 6 years ago and it cost 10k”

“We got three estimates done for my partner for implants, two in Barcelona and one in Tenerife ranging from 2,000€-6,000€ depending on the place. Also did an Invisalign treatment last year with impress and it only cost 1,600€. Not sure about UK pricing but compared to Canada it’s alot cheaper.”

“My girlfriend is a dental nurse, and where she works in Valencia, it’s around €1000 per implant. The private dentist I use in the UK charges £3000 per implant”

“I was quoted €900 for an implant from my local dentist – inland Murcia.”

“Implant about 1200 euros and crown 450 euros. In Spain.”

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