I need to buy a car in Spain. Could anyone give me any tips? especially for someone living in a very remote place?


I will be moving to Spain permanently in a few months. I chose to live in the mountains in a very remote place, so I’ll need to buy a car in Spain asap.

I’m thinking about buying a new car, so I won’t have to visit the mechanic too much.

I would appreciate your advice of how you chose your car, and which would you recommend (I know it’s very individual, but since I have no idea now which to buy, I would love to hear which one you chose and why.

And how do I search for it? Perhaps there is somebody specifically that his/her job is advising about which car to buy and how to deal with all the process, or maybe it’s very simple and I just don’t know because I’ve never done it before.

Thanks a lot in advance for your recommendation and constructive advice, please if you don’t have anything constructive to say, just ignore my post, and skip to the next one.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“The government is currently providing grants for hybrid and electric cars. You must be able to show you are a fiscal resident to gain from this promotion.”

“First, there should be a budget how much money the new car can cost… what type, sedan, hatchback, station wagon, etc. The most common car brands here in Spain are Seat and French cars, (Renault, Peugeot) German cars, the most sold being Volkswagen. I just bought a Ford van in January and it will be delivered the last week of June”

“It’s really a huge question, 1st consideration is your budget. Cars can be available at any price you want but as you are considering a new one you must have quite a big budget.

2nd is your ecological viewpoint so if you want to save the planet research which cars are best for the environment. 3rd is the type of car you need for your personal needs. Eg for me it would have to be automatic and 4 wheel drive with good luggage space. And fourthly you have to consider brands which will again come down to budget. For me I would choose a Japanese brand for their reliability and value for money. Hope this helps”

“I live in the mountains and lease a Kia Stonic from Banco Sabadell. I get a new car every 2 years and only pay for the petrol because everything else is taken care of. I chose this option because there was no huge outlay of cash and no paperwork.”

“You are in the mountains so in reality a 4×4 is your best option but there two types of 4x4s road and off road look at the roads where you are moving and take it from there. I’d go for a 6 month to year old car let someone else take the initial loss. Alway rentals as well”

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