Is it possible to obtain a mortgage from a Spanish bank, and which bank can you recommend to deal with?


I live in USA and would like to buy a small apartment in Barcelona or Valencia for rent. I want to move to Spain in several years to retire. Will I be able to obtain a mortgage from a Spanish bank? Which bank is easier to deal with? Can I buy without NIE? If not, how can I get NIE remotely? Any advice and comments are welcome


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“I believe that Sabadell and ING offers mortgages for non-residents but you will need at least 40% of the total sale price. Sale price here is the agreed price with seller plus taxes that goes between 7 to 10 percent, i.e. like in Catalunya. Also you will be required to have some insurance, which they will add into the loan for about 6 or 7% of loan amount. Interest is also higher, so at least the loan amount will be an additional of 13 to 17% . Also have in mind that if you eventually sell the property here you will pay a 25% tax on benefits (calculated from the sale price, not including taxes and insurance that were included in your mortgage)”

“Santander gives up to 75% to non-residents. Valencia will be a cheaper choice than Barcelona for sure and I believe that for retirement, Valencia is better, because it is not so hectic and overcrowded with tourists and the climate is even warmer and sunnier.”

“You probably need a specialized property agency to do that from abroad”

“Age is a factor. A big factor. Get a lawyer who specializes. Start with a scouting trip—not only for property but a lawyer. I have a friend who is a relocation consultant with connections to lawyers and Sabadell—if needed, let me know.”

“Depending on the budget I would suggest Cuatro Casas (most lawyers speak English) and Engel & Volkers agency (most agents speak English) as a first step. Sevilla might be more budget friendly, also super warm, safer for crime and a more peaceful life.”

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