Where can I obtain an EU digital covid certificate in Malaga?


Can anyone tell me where to go in Malaga for an EU digital covid certificate? I had my vaccine and booster in the US. My understanding is that I need to go to a hospital, a test center, or health authority to get the certificate with QR code. It is required for travel to France. If anyone has more specific info on where to go, it would be really appreciated. I didn’t need this for travel to Spain so was caught of guard for my trip in two days to France.


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“So, yes this is very confusing. For France, you may want to check because every EU country is different whether they accept Non-EU COVID certifications or not. You may want to check on that. But yes, if you want to get an EU COVID certification, you must go to the health center, which I had to do. You will need a photocopy of your CDC card, photocopy of your TIE or passport (either one is fine, you just only need one), and they will make you fill a form to do at home. That is pretty much what you need. But if you have any additional questions, pls feel free to reach out to me. I am also in Málaga province”

“I live in Malaga City. There are two forms you need to fill out and take to your local Centro de salud, along with your passport, TIE, CDC VACCINE CARD, and padron certificate. It may not be a quick process though but perhaps you can ask. The person who takes the documents and puts the main info into the system isn’t the person who inputs the vaccine info. That’s done by a nurse is what I was told. Let me get you the links to the forms.”


“For catalonia, i had to go to CAP , then they took week to make eu covid certificado”

“So, apparently you can go to the website of your state’s DSHS or DHHS and download a compatible certificate there. Hope that helps.”

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