Is it legal to make car modifications in Spain? 


Does anyone know anything about the rules and laws for car modifications in Spain? 

I’m wanting to put an aftermarket exhaust on my old panda which changes the noise slightly. 

Also can you build and legalise a kit car here?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“Easy answer – NO you are not alloved any modifications on cars in Spain. They have to be original. Kit car – ask at DGT”

“No, can’t make modifications yourself with aftermarket exhaust. You need to speak to a vehicle engineer to go through the holomagation process. Beware can be very expensive and time consuming.”

“I wouldn’t bother, the buerocracy will drive you bonkers !”

“What a hassle. I extensively modified my Jeep Wrangler without any permission from authorities here in California, and this is one of the most restrictive places.”

“We had a tow bar on my renault kangoo trekka 4×4, it was a Renault make, fitted by Renault, but here in Spain we had to remove it as it wasn’t one the Spanish agree to.”