Can you get travel health insurance intended for short term trips to the US only?


I have Tarjeta sanitaria and don’t have private health insurance, but I will be back to the US for a month. Can I purchase travel health insurance just for my trip even though I don’t have a contract with any private health insurance?


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“When I visited over the holidays I bought a policy with IMG.”

“Just be careful. Some travel insurance purchased here does not cover travel to US or Canada. Make sure you tell them you need coverage in the US.”

“I used IATI 2 years ago when I went home for a month.”

“Yes you absolutely *should* buy private trip insurance for travel to the US. It might get confusing but as a US citizen who is resident elsewhere, you can buy such policies.”

“I always purchase the Patriot policy from VisitorsCoverage when I travel to the US and it covers US citizens who are residents elsewhere! I’ve thankfully never had to use it, so I can’t say how good the company is to work with if you actually have to make a claim, but I did a lot of research and they had good reviews.”