What’s the next step to take if someone gets an unfavorable result for an extension of stay in Spain?


Next steps for resuelto no favorable so upset. Plz help – PRÓRROGA DE ESTANCIA / extension of stay in Spain

I am switching from an auxiliar to a masters program. I did prórroga de estancia to Barcelona extranjeria. But I got not favorable result. What is next to do? I am so lost and about to break down. I have not received any email or regular mail about why it was denied


These are the answers of some Facebook group members:

“This is my case, too. Switching from aux to grad school (engineering). I just got approved. Didn’t even have to go home and get a new visa there. I hired BeGlobal Attorneys and it went smoothly. It was easy to communicate with them, very diligent with the emails and they replied asap. Although, the catch is you need to submit your docs 30-60 days before your TIE expires”

“I also got a resuelto – no favorable from Barcelona a week ago (switching from Aux to Language school). I researched for hours and hours, followed all the directions, asked lawyers and my school if it was possible), included all the required documents, etc. I am waiting for the letter to see what the reason was and will go from there. The extranjería told me they sent the letter Monday, but still haven’t seen it.”

“I was denied in Barcelona about 5 years ago when switching from aux to cuenta ajena. I got help from SAIER located near Plaza Espanya; they are a group of immigration specialists that can give you advice and help you figure out the next steps, like filing a recurso. It’s free and to make an appointment you can stop by the office on Parallel.”

“Hi! I am in the same situation, trying to switch from the auxiliar program to a masters program in Madrid and I was told by the university I am attending that the easiest way is for me to leave the Schengen area and return as a tourist to begin the residency process. If you know any other way around this so I do not have to leave Spain, please let me know! I am worried about leaving and trying to return to Spain especially with all the COVID restrictions.”

“Oh, I think I know what the problem might be. In any case, please note that the Administration doesn’t send you the resolution by email or an email explanation regarding the rejection. If you consented to electronic notification, you’re expected to have a digital certificate with which to access the notification. If you need help obtaining a copy of the resolution, get in touch and we’ll figure something out.”

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